Kansas City, Missouri

KC was a really good pick! It’s a mid-size city that provides “city life” while not being overwhelming. Kansas City is a pretty like-minded, tight-knit community. Citizens are always willing to help one another. Most activities/attractions, including fine dining and lodging, are centrally located about 15-30min from anywhere in the metro area. AMAZING food, especially if you’re a BBQ fan! This city has it all! From a vibrant walkable city to the impressive mountain bike trails a short drive away. Nice people with an inclusive, welcoming vibe. No shortage of educational options for children and volunteer options for all. Community is important as well as diversity. Good food is important as well as health and fitness. There are plenty of housing options available at affordable prices! And who can deny the appeal of a city that has 3 championship teams? Royals, Chiefs, and Sporting KC!

Other interesting things to do in Kansas City, Mo

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